{Come Inside the Lil-Ma-Ry Triangle}

where do I begin?  I’ll start by telling you how the seed was planted:

Preface: A few months back I had the opportunity to take photos at a community wine event…I meet some really awesome people one of which was Renee the OC Prop Girl that’s right she’s the OC Prop Girl.  She started a prop rental business here in Orange County…immediately I started thinking “wouldn’t that be awesome to introduce some props into a shoot?”  The answer was “of course, what are you waiting for?”  Now I needed some models and a theme.  If you’ve read my blog before you may have seen my lovely friend Lillian who’s previously volunteered her “talents” and I knew she would be game to volunteer again but this time why not spice it up a bit and introduce some mens into the equation?

The Mens: Finding the mens wasn’t as easy as we thought however, I’ll spare you all the details and tell you that we found 2 great mens to participate.  They were flattered and eager (to say the least).  They are Matt and Jeromy.

1+2 = 3: So I now had 3 models…Lillian, Matt, and Jeromy (Lil-Ma-Ry) and with Renee’s help I settled on a modern vintage shoot.  I know it sounds a little like a oxymoron but just keep reading.  We would have Renee’s awesome vintage pieces and our models in modern ish clothing.

The Triangle: Now on to the crazy idea…we’ve seen so many “love” shoots and it’s always been about the couple (as it should be).  But as you know I had 3…what to do with 3 gorgeous models?  A HA, lets make a love triangle.  I wasn’t sure who would play which role but at least now we had a theme.

At the Spot: Of course the park ranger gave us a bit of hard time but whatever…we’re used to it.  Before you move onto the photos…keep in mind that it was blazing hot that day…but the models stayed beautiful the whole time…and we had a blast!

Lillian, Matt, & Jeromy

the couple

let the drama begin…

the take away…

deep in thought…

love the emotion on Matt’s face

he’s thinking about trying to get her back…don’t do it

he decided to do it…they never learn

making up is hard to do

they’re back together but who’s she smiling at?

he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

she’s going for it…

solace in the setting sun

behind his back this time…

standing tall

geezus can she please make up her mind?


time to take the acting hats off and have a little fun…

jumping for joy…it’s all over!

Big thanks to Jeromy, Matt, Lillian, Renee and Carl (my amazing and supportive husband)


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