{Dani + Paulo’s Bun}

I’m still excited about meeting Juliana…Dani & Paulo’s little Brazilian, German, Italian, Portuguese bun =)

check out the baby bump

Paulo is the happiest daddy to be

long shadows at the park…still see the baby bump

look how happy they are…

so precious…I love how they’re looking down at Juliana

can you feel the love?  I do…

we came across this sign…and I agree with Paulo

gentle kiss for mom to be

Paulo talking to Juliana

they look like movie stars..love the flower Paulo picked for Dani

we finally made it down to the beach and it was crowded but gorgeous…

the Juliana sign

this is one of my absolute favorite photos of the day…so calming

doesn’t this just say it all?

a little private moment

this is their favorite pastime…walking on the beach…I think this will be one of Juliana’s favorite things to do as well

more fun in the sun…lovely

this is my favorite shot of the day…there’s just something about this umbrella…makes me want to sing a little Rihanna

Juliana is now a part of the beach…she just doesn’t know it yet =)

Dani makes Paulo so so happy…I know you can feel it like I did

the sun is setting

the bird is flying

the bun is baking

I can still see Dani’s smiling cheeks…

Thanks so much for making me a part of this special moment in your lives…Obrigada!!!


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