{So Saree}

Did I mention how colorful and beautiful sarees are?  I absolutely love them…

Sarees are very traditional and this was a very traditional family session

meet mom and dad (left), son and his wife (middle), daughter and her husband (right)

they all have that special twinkle in their eyes…that’s what happiness looks like

I absolutely love this serious photo…because in actuality they couldn’t stop laughing

I found out later what they were laughing about…I think it’s something that we all would find very funny..hint hint

this photo tells an awesome story…follow along with me (from left to right)

dad – “what’s going on over there kids?”

mom – “my husband is so funny”

son – ” l love my wife”

daughter-in-law – “my husband is the sweetest man in the world”

son-in-law – “just keep smiling for the photo”

daughter – “husband, pay attention to me”

beautiful smiles

mom and dad have been married 30 years…they look so happy…

I can’t wait until I make it to 30 years

anyone who can run in heels is a winner!

gazing shadow play

the happy couple

I love the innocence of this photo…

a circle of fun

jumping for joy…

keep ’em moving…


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