{Erik + Jen | Engaged}

I really can’t wait to share these with you…meet Erik and Jen (our recently engaged cousins)

who could ask for a more perfect couple to photograph?

I must warn you in advance that I went a little “b&w crazy” but there’s something so classy about a black and white photo


love in the corridor

such a beautiful smile…I know Erik can’t resist

I think they’re going to bring beautiful people into this world

going to church?

“lets get together…yeah yeah yeah we could have a real good time”

the love stare

she said “yes”

the heart shadow

I warned you about my “b&w craziness”

all laughs

this is one of my favorite photos of the day…

arm in arm

such a sweet moment

the setting sun

my favorite shot of the day!

over the shoulder



I love this candid shot…laughing is good for the soul

living lights…


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