{Her Name is Lola}

her name is Lola, she was a showgirl

with yellow feathers in her hair and dress cut down to there – Barry Manilow

today, Lola isn’t a showgirl…she’s a beautiful and well trained pitbull mix (I think)…

she brought along her 3 friends and Buster, the cat!

Lola and friends

awwww best friends…I love these candid moments

quality time with Buster…he’s so intense

relaxing in the park

Lola is used to this walk…she walks this path all the time…

relaxing on the green

Lola is ready to go…

why can’t all dogs be this good?…must have something to do with his master’s calm assertive energy =)

see what I mean by “well trained”…she’s trying to hold on…

it’s hard to choose but this is my favorite of the day…something about it tells a story…BFFs

BFFs can still be competitive…right?

as always I’m smiling ear to ear =)


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