Sweltering in the Desert

much needed weekend getaway in palm desert…I guess I was the only one that didn’t realize it would be 100 degrees everyday…in my defense, it was in the low 70s only 2 hours away

we headed over the Joshua Tree not too far away…came across this abandoned house on the way to the national park…that ‘keep out’ sign is a bit scarey

turbines on the way back to palm desert…energy!

Living Desert

left to right: 2 month old giraffe, mama giraffe, not sure what kind of bird, goat, owl (look closely and you can see us in his eyes), not sure but he’s from Africa =)

we saw this large empty exhibit where the cheetah was supposed to be but no cheetah…as we were leaving he came running out with his lunch…gorgeous animal

looking up at this soft flower

on the day we were heading out…the temperature had dropped significantly from 100 to 58 degrees…and it was very cloudy and foggy…we pulled over to capture this shot…


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