I’ve been chosen by the pioneer woman…

a few months ago I was introduced to thepioneerwoman by my good friend Melissa…she thought it would be a good idea to enter a photo of my cat in the cat photo contest…so I did.  Little did I know over 18,000 people entered their cats, so of course I was overlooked for photos that were absolutely stunning.  I became an instant fan of the pioneer woman’s website because of the inspiring photos that people submitted.  Turns out Ree, thepioneerwoman is famous…saw her being interviewed on The View…I thought to myself “wow, this lady is legit”.  A few weeks later she had a macro contest and I of course I submitted another photo and this time up against 20,000 people…there are many talented people out there…needless to say my photo was NOT chosen.  To make a long story short =) I submitted a landscape photo to her current photo contest (up against 21,850 people now) so of course, I didn’t expect to get picked…but to my surprise my photo was chosen…little ol’ me was chosen!!!

Can you believe it?  I couldn’t…I just sat there and stared at my image on her site…feels so good to know someone out there thinks your work is great up against all those other talented folks out there around the world.

that’s what she said

this is the photo I submitted…

I’m so thrilled about this…maybe it will happen again…ok, now I’m just being greedy

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