Kaiolohia = Calm Sea

went to take photos of my gorgeous brother-in-law for his senior portraits…I can’t believe he’s already graduating from high school…I’ve known this little guy since he was 11 years old…guess he’s not so little anymore

since he’s a surfer and his name means “calm sea”, I wanted to get some shots of him by the ocean where he surfs…across the street from his house…lucky duck

enjoying the scenery

now I’ve got his attention…what a cute smile

in addition to being a surfer…he’s  also a skater…guess they go hand in hand…skateboarding IS like surfing on land

he’d probably skateboard in the sand if he could…see those holes?  That’s the sign of a true skater

…love this Lords of Dogtown move

relaxing on the pebbles…lots of pebbles

he looks like a model…so natural

looking at the lineup at his surf spot

more rocks

on dry land

as we were walking along the bike trail I saw these quaint little orange cottages so we ducked in between…and viola…lets not talk about the electrical box my bum ripped off

now we were just being rude…sitting on people’s porches

catching air

I love this photo…he’s so happy

my other favorite because we weren’t supposed to be here…see the sign?  Yet he looks so peaceful…love it!


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