[P Family]

What an adventurous day this was.  I was looking forward to seeing some of the best humans I know.  Her and I used to work and walk to school together daily during our UCI days.  Such great memories together.  Now we’re making new memories with our little families.  Now lets move on to the adventure… we meet in a location I’ve never photographed before and it was well worth it.  But at the end of it all we found ourselves in a pickle.  First we heard over the loud speakers “park closing in 10 minutes”, then “park closing in 5 minutes”.  We rushed to the gate but that was a challenge with our little kids running around.  We made to the gate at 5:05 PM and we were locked in.  There was a sign that indicated “call 911 to exit”.  We started yelling to the guard and she came over and let us out.  Geez what an afternoon that was.



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