Hawaii 2015 // We Couldn’t Sleep

I didn’t realize gaining 3 hours back when we landed in Hawaii would have such an effect on their sleep schedule.  For the first few days we were out the door super early.  Before 8am is early with 2 little kids.  First stop was Hanauma Bay.  You may not be able to tell from the photos but he was terrified to get in the water.  Not because of the water, sharp coral, or sealife but because he was petrified of the snorkel.  Carl tried so many different ways to get it on comfortably but the thought of not being able to breath through his nose was just to much for him to handle.  He loved the ocean so much after he was freed from the snorkel.  Quinn, on the other hand, was perfectly content with her manmade pool in the sand.

Back at the hotel it was back into some nice pool water.  These 2 loved it!





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