Strong as an Ox

It’s the 2nd week since I started my Project 52 and seems I’m still in it.  This week I learned both our kids are as strong as an ox.  Or maybe they’re just stubborn.  Quinn does this thing where if you try to give her something she’ll throw her hands around until you stop trying to make her take it.  Kingston will not stop arguing until he makes his point clear no matter if you ask him to listen.  Teenage years with these 2 are going to be dandy.

Things he says

“mom, this is what I want for my birthday” [whenever he sees a toy he wants]

“please may I have… ?” [YES, finally he says it every time he has a request]

What’s she up to?

there’s always tupperware and pots all over the house even in our bathroom… apparently she likes household items rather than toys

finally figured out she’s saying “what’s that?” every time she points to something

she’s addicted to shoes… loves playing with them and trying to put them on


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