{NOW WHAT Photography Workshop}

Look at these gorgeous people!!!

pictured: the first NOW WHAT Photography Workshop Class

(special THANK YOU to Melissa and Lillian)

It’s been a little more than a week since we held our first photography workshop and it was a huge success. We were very lucky to have such great students that were so eager to learn!

Lets go back in time circa 2007, I got a my first digital SLR (big fancy camera) so I could take better photos. I thought to myself, simply set my camera on “Auto” and the camera would do the rest. Unfortunately, the results weren’t always what my eyes saw or how I wanted my photos to look. Here I was with this nice camera that I knew could take great photos so…NOW WHAT? It was time to take control and learn as much as I could about how to manually set my camera’s settings to get the perfect exposure…which was the “look” I wanted in my photos. I read books, online articles, watched videos, attended a couple workshops, and most importantly spent many hours practicing.

I’m here to say that 4 years later I’m still learning and still practicing. I really wanted to share what I’d learned over the last few years with those who also wanted to take control of their cameras. It was truly a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope you all learned lots of new ways to control your camera.

Congrats: to the 3 attendees who won a Lens shot glass

Remember to practice, practice, practice =) It’s not about having the most expensive gear…your camera is merely a tool and you are the artist behind it. So go out and have fun… “don’t take pictures, create images”!!!


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