{2010 Cutest Kid Contest | The Results}

“it’s the results show”…I feel like it’s the 2nd day of Dancing with the Stars.  On 9.22.10 the contest began and on 10.10.10 it ended.  It was truly a battle to the very end.

Here are a few stats to give a little perspective:

Group 1 (0-4 years old)

  • 21 submissions
  • 15 boys & 6 girls
  • 944 votes

Group 2 (5-10 years old)

  • 11 submissions
  • 6 boys & 5 girls
  • 248 votes

I had a blast posting photos of all the cute kids on Facebook and then watching the votes stack up.  I personally think all the submissions were “the cutest” and I’m happy I was forced to ban myself from voting.  Thanks to each and every person who voted, submitted their cute kids, and became a fan on Facebook.

Without further ado…here are your winners!!!


1st Place
Marcus Y.
5 months old
255 “likes”

2nd Place
Jack P.
6 months old
252 “likes”


1st Place
Jayden C.
6 years old
90 “likes”
2nd Place
Cesar P.
5 years old
61 “likes”

*Winners will be contacted to claim their Photography Session Gift Cards.

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