{A Traditional Birthday}

as I alluded to in the sneak peek last week…it was a traditional birthday…

a traditional Korean Birthday with a little twist

her name is Sabine…and it was her very special 1st birthday

I loved the decor by Sally of Harvest and Design…so awesome!…see for yourself

here we are at Gyenari Restaurant in Culver City, CA

yes, this lounge was shut down for Sabine…

love the tutu…

didn’t I tell you Sally was fabulous?  I love this head table…

she just finished a bottle so she’s very content…

her radiant mom…so lovely

and the proud dad…such great parents!

look at her…she’s completely mesmerized by the lit candle

hugs from grandma!!!  She really knew how to make Sabine laugh

precious little girl

Sabine’s little cousin…Sonny

can you say adorable?

these 2 were running around and having a blast…

so here is Sabine…ready to choose her destiny

she went for the dollar dollar bills y’all…actually mom stuffed the benjamin in her hand…she went for the pencil

she finally got her hands on the water…she was eyeing it the entire time…

Happy Birthday Sabine!


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