{Time for Some Sun}

so as I alluded to in the sneak peek earlier this week…I meet a really awesome family (The Suns)

first off, they started the session of with some gorgeous h’ordorves (including cupcakes) and a little Irish

need I say more?

candid loveliness

looking up…the tattoo rings on Olive are fierce!

from down under

can you say dazzling?  These little ones are too cute…and here’s a little peek at the spread…yummy

the juju gummy rings…can’t believe they didn’t sink their teeth in

the feet…lots of “personality”?  Love the cowgirl boots!

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby…

always love these silhouette shots…peaceful

more spinning…the girls were great…up for anything

my favorite shot of the day…catching air! (expect mom and dad)

polka dots cups and pearly whites

reading about some crazy animals…you had to see to believe


another favorite…adorable!


a little Father/Son time…

there’s dad (the other Mr. Sun)

asked Ailee to give a little attitude and this is what I got…amazing model!

a little tear…but the best medicine was an offering of a decadent chocolate cupcake

I had to share this view with you…breathtaking!


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