{Happy Birthday Emmia}

I’ve been so anxious to get these photos ready for posting…I’m happy I’m finally here sharing them with you…

Emmia turned 1!!!

this little lady is so cute it’s ridiculous…see for yourself…I had a blast

her mom (my good friend Melissa) made these lovely cupcakes…can you say it with me?


ok…what does this make you wanna sing?

“stop, in the name of love before you break my heart…” maybe it’s just me

cousins jumping in the bouncer and waiting to hit the pinata

of course the birthday girl had the first swing at the pinata…she enjoyed it with mommy’s help

all the cousins had a good time giving it a go

these shoes were to die for…”there’s no place like home”

to my pleasant surprise this little lady crosses her legs all by herself…how many 1 year olds do you know that crosses their legs…

such a lady

love this look

Elmo kisses and time for a nap

she loves Elmo

I absolutely love this smile/cry…had to include it

I had to show off the cupcakes one more time

happy girl!

she loved her cupcake…so precious!

loves the happy birthday serenade

trying out the new shades

resting with grandpa..that’s so sweet

lovely soft sunflare…


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