{Happy Birthday Lucas}

Celebrating Lucas’ Birthday with MM at PCM…that’s with Mickey Mouse at the Pretend City Museum

2 of the cutest kids ever…that’s Lucas on the right and his big brother Mateo on the left…so sweet

Pretend City Museum makes the little ones feel all grown up…they can go to the bank, the grocery store, the post office…all the things you love when you’re kid but a chore when all you’re all grown up;-)

and heeeeeeeere’s Mickey Mouse…too cute!

Lucas and Dad

those shoes are so fashionable

more Mickey Mouse ears

Lucas and Mommy…I definitely see a resemblance

friends and family enjoying the festivities

love this close up…he’s so precious

this baby girl was so sweet…look at her curls

look at that ginormous cupcake…all for Lucas too

riding around in Pretend City

he’s fishing without a rod and enjoying every minute of it


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