{Congratulations Graduate}

it’s finally here…the complete blog post…I apologize for the piecemeal blog postings

when the model is your younger brother who has grown into a fabulous super cute young man, it was rather difficult to choose my favorites…I’m so very proud of him!

we were at CSU Fullerton attending a graduation ceremony and how fitting that this is where he’ll graduate from in 4 years…

so we photographed a few around the campus

sitting in the quad…not sure if it’s really called that

Mr. Shy Guy…yeah right

deep in thought


I said “jump”…he said “how high?”

not sure if he was deep in thought or checking out the ladies on campus

so we finished up at CSUF and headed to downtown LA (completely by accident) we were trying to get to Venice Beach…

I’m happy we did because these are kind of shots I think he wanted…you know the ones that make you look like a rapper?

hanging on the street sign

young mcsteezy

look at that stare

getting low

heading up the descending escalator

making my little brother laugh…I still got it=)

we came across the little downstairs pub that had the most awesome lighting…these are my favorite

can’t believe vans are still in style and I just had to share those pants

does he really read the newspaper?

notice he never actually reads the paper…hopefully he’ll do a little more reading in college


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