Joe + Nora in the Flower Fields

we would’ve missed the Carlsbad Flower Fields by 1 week…good thing we made it just in time…Congrats and big ups to Nora & Joe!

we were being defiant and crossing over the “caution” tape…

a little privacy in the maze…really…we were in a maze made of flowers

gazing in the flower fields…oh how I love springtime

I think Joe was wiping her tears (tears of joy)…how cute

frolicking in the maze

I really enjoyed making them laugh…hopefully they were laughing with me and not at me

love the closeness

stopped off in San Juan Capistrano


I loved that they were up for anything…even risking their lives on the train tracks

still on the tracks

she’s got him by the leg…no letting go now

chatting about the proposal on the caboose

hanging on someone’s front porch

a little private time


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