Low tide in Crystal Cove

I feel as though I’ve been neglecting the ocean lately…seascapes that is.  So I was eager to capture the ocean but I had 2 criteria…1) low tide and 2) clouds in the sky.  We all know that photos are considerably more interesting when there are clouds out.  I’ve been relying on the tide app on the iphone to determine when to expect low tide and keeping my fingers crossed that there would be clouds in the sky on that very day.  Crystal Cove State Park was a great location for low tide and guess what?  There were clouds in the sky…see for yourself…

after hiking for a while (yes, we “hiked” at the beach across sandy and rocky terrain) we made it down the beach.  It was still pretty bright due to the time change so I took the opportunity to snap some shots of my favorite model (my hubby).  I think this shot shares a little glimpse of his personality…if you know him…you know exactly what I mean 😉

up close and personal with “the thinker”

walking around while waiting for the sun to set…saw some acorn barnacles and oceans footprint

as promised…LOW TIDE

…if you’re wondering…Yes, these rocks were slippery

ohhhhh the sunsetting is here…look at that sunburst!

remember those clouds I was telling you about?  Well, here they are…along with the visitors and departing sun

the sun finally set which created this bright orange sky that lasted for about 5 minutes.  See that swirly rock formation over there?  It reminds me of a mini Roman amphitheatre.  Who knew all this was hiding under the water.

as we were heading back I couldn’t help noticing the lush hills at the beach…there was ocean then rocks then hills filled with flowers…

I slowed the shutter down a little to capture the movement in the grass…subtle movement from the wind off the ocean

one last look back at the ocean…that person above had the same idea…”just one last look”


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