Back to the SJC Mission

I became a photography member at the San Juan Capistrano Mission late last year and have only taken advantage of it twice so far.  I’ve been promising my dear friend Lillian that I would take some photos of her as well as reacquaint her with the mission.  I was extremely happy with how things turned out because not only was she a natural but she was as ‘fresh’ as the morning dew…see for yourself

the mission’s rustic brick architecture

R&R on the worn out mission bench

bougainvillea flowers creating a spanish mission ‘feel’

relaxing against the rough yet delicate buildings

I think I must have said something really funny…you know the kind of ‘funny’ that makes you fling your head back?…yeah that’s what happened…

this is one of my favorite photos…something about the long corridor and her thoughtfulness look…I love candid shots

another candid…must be happy thoughts

this is also one of my favs…I recently read an article about how to capture the perfect sun burst because up until now…it’s been mostly happening by accident…this was on purpose and I absolutely love it…

Thanks Lillian for being amazing model!!!


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