The trail is open again…

So the trail has been closed for a while now (over a month) and it re-opened yesterday…

I couldn’t make it there yesterday but was determined to get some sunrise shots instead of sunset shots…arrived there at 5:45am with our bikes…ready to ride the trail and take some shots along the way…only to be stumped by a THICK marine layer…we couldn’t see 5 feet in front of us.

this is what it looked like in the morning…super foggy/marine layer

once the sun came up we started on the trail…this is the first shot…can anyone say AVATAR???

here are the different perspectives of the trail we were on…

we couldn’t help noticing tons of these black spikey thingys…all over the leaves on the trail…thorns everywhere

the husband stumbled upon this gopher skull…he has a very good eye because this thing was no bigger than my thumb…I thought this would make for an interesting shot

as we were exiting the trail…and packing up…I came across this snail trying making his way across the path…then the ladybug in the tall grass…and this very interesting (ugly/pretty) flower


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